Apollo Nox bothering you here is a simple strategy
Follow this simple Steps:

1. Use two weak miscrits. Weak miscrits with ability to lower 10 attack power(recommended) and 10 defenses(optional). Here is the main point cloud cover and all that one hit ko moves hit on this weak miscrits. There is a high chance of hitting them by one hit k.o. moves. The main point here is increasing your chance of winning.

2. Two miscrits with unbreakable.( One dies the other can use the same trick )

3. Spam unbreakable and not to kill the first form till your defenses are above 300 and you have raised enough attack power.

4. The second form can deal you 3-4 damage that hits multiple times but the first form will only deal you little like 15 so there is high chance to raise defenses here till he attack you with minimal like 6 and you can raise your attack power. When you proceed at this stage the second form will attack you with only 1 attack power multiple times lesser than what you heal when you attack him. My attack power was 90 per hit.

5. If you use magical heal be prepared to decrease your chance of winning because at this time cloud cover, burried alive and tsunami is sure his next move.

6. Have a keen eyes at your miscrit health too low you lost and too high one hit k.o. Moves is waiting you.

7. Liquiefin got hit by confuse by Apollo Nox last form but luckily did not died. It was a game over scenario confuse immunity is recommended. Health was about 60 when it hit. So did not died.

How I Did It?
I used bubble lowered 10 defenses. Next with blowpuffle lowered 10 attack power. Azteco was trying to spam fortify but he died in burried alive. Liquiefin smashed all the three forms.
I used unbreakable upto 30 times after 15 times you can mix unbreakable with attack but do not kill the first form his attack power is much lower if you progress into the next form with just 15 times unbreakable your chance of winning is quite low. 

                     Play with the first form he is alot safer. Now when your defenses are high use all the enchant potions over use merciless I raised upto about 96 attack power in the first form of Apollo Nox. Merciless is much better than lavarilla anger.  I tried for 10 times to get the right momentum do not think its impossible without exclusives, exclusives cannot even do anything in his one hit k.o. moves they need luck more than your common miscrits.

Just do not forget.

  • Maintain low health.
  • No magical heal because luck will decide your miscrit die or not at this point. 

Best of luck in defeating Apollo Nox. 

1) Which miscrits should I train?
There are many miscrits out there but only a few miscrits deserve to be trained to make a worthy team.
A) A well balanced defenses  and powerful attacks will make a miscrit perfect.
Dark elefauna with its elite elemental attack and strong defenses makes it a worthy miscrit to train.
B) Unique skills( Complete Confusion, Deep Sleep, Fortify and many others abilities)
Quartex is commonly used for its complete confusion ability.

Necessary Miscrits are all highlighted click on it if you do not know which miscrit is it.
First let's start with the Sunfall Kingdom easy elementums.
Yes you heard it right easy elementums.
First up is Nature elementum which most starters find it hard because they forget to use a simple strategy lowering the acuracy you can use elefauna the easily available miscrit to lower accuracy with its pollen ability. Just lower its accuracy then start debuffing its defenses and just one hit k.o. it. Simple way...